Xcel Energy Compressed Air Incentives

Compressed Air Power Incentives from Xcel Power for Minnesota Producers

Minnesota producers can save 1000’s of {dollars} in vitality payments by bettering the effectivity of their compressed air methods. Because of vitality incentive applications from Xcel Power, optimizing your compressed air system could value little or nothing.

Xcel Power affords a number of vitality incentives and rebate applications for manufacturing clients in Minnesota. These applications pay for compressed air effectivity research and supply rebates for Variable Pace Drive (VSD) compressors and different energy-saving upgrades to your compressed air system.

Xcel Power Incentive Applications for Compressed Air in Minnesota

Xcel Power, like many vitality suppliers, gives incentives to assist massive vitality customers cut back their consumption. Why would your vitality firm need you to make use of much less vitality? For a few causes. First, vitality corporations get incentives from the federal government to scale back their carbon footprint, which suggests lowering the quantity of vitality their clients eat. Second, vitality corporations wish to cut back the general load on the ability grid. By serving to their clients be extra energy-efficient, vitality corporations can forestall costly infrastructure upgrades, cut back the danger of outages, and higher regulate provide and demand.

Producers and different massive vitality customers present the best alternative for vitality corporations like Xcel to scale back the general load on the ability grid and keep away from massive swings in vitality demand. For a lot of producers, the compressed air system represents a big share of their general vitality consumption. Inefficiencies in compressed air methods can add 1000’s of {dollars} to the common producer’s vitality invoice and add to the pressure on the ability grid.

That’s why Xcel Power and different energy corporations goal incentives and rebate applications particularly to compressed air customers. For Xcel, these applications embrace:

  • Compressed Air Research
  • Prescriptive Rebate Applications (together with VSD upgrades)
  • Customized Effectivity Initiatives

If you’re an Xcel Power buyer, you’ve gotten already paid for the vitality incentive program as a part of your electrical energy invoice. You’ll discover this system below the “Taxes and Charges” part of your vitality invoice. And because you’ve already paid for it, you may as nicely use it!

Compressed Air Research from Xcel Power

Step one to bettering the effectivity of your compressed air system is a compressed air examine. Xcel gives funding for compressed air studies each 5 years for purchasers with compressed air methods of 10 HP or higher. With pre-approval, Xcel will cowl 100% of the prices of a compressed air leak detection examine (as much as the boundaries beneath) once you restore 75% of the leaks recognized within the examine. The funding limits are:

  • 500 HP or extra: $4,000 plus $20/HP as much as $25,000
  • 200 HP-499 HP: $3,000 plus $20/HP
  • 50 HP-199 HP: $2,000 plus $20/HP
  • 10HP-49 HP: $250 plus $20/HP

Sometimes, the technician will use circulate metering, ultrasonic leak detection, and different strategies to search out pinhole leaks which are too small to detect with human senses. Most producers have a number of leaks all through their compressed air system, which might add lots of or 1000’s of {dollars} to their annual vitality invoice.

Aire Tip: Leaks in your compressed air system can add 30% or extra to your compressed air vitality invoice. Learn extra about the price of leaks in your compressed air system.

Xcel Power will even cowl as much as 75% of the prices of a demand-side compressed air examine, which seems at how compressed air is getting used. As well as, producers can earn bonus rebates of $0.03/kWh saved after they put the suggestions in place. Combining direct examine funding and bonus rebates could cowl 100% of the prices of the examine.

Compressed Air Rebate Applications from Xcel Power

Along with compressed air research, Xcel Power affords rebate applications to offset the price of upgrading compressed air gear. These applications fall into two most important classes:

  • Prescriptive Rebate Applications: These applications supply an outlined rebate for the acquisition of energy-saving upgrades in your compressed air methods, together with VSD air compressors, zero-loss condensate drains, and extra.
  • Customized Effectivity Initiatives: This program gives rebates for different varieties of enhancements based mostly on the kilowatts (kW) of vitality saved.

Prescriptive Rebate Applications

Prescriptive rebates from Xcel Power will help corporations offset the price of energy-saving enhancements to their compressed air methods. In some circumstances, these rebates could cowl nearly all of the associated fee. While you fill out your paperwork, you possibly can designate your compressed air vendor because the recipient of the rebate. Then, your vendor will invoice you for under the price of the gear above and past what the rebate program covers. Prescriptive rebates can solely be used to buy new gear.

For 2022, Xcel Power affords a number of prescriptive rebate applications for compressed air.

  • New VSD Compressors: Covers $150/HP for compressors 10-40 HP. Compressors should have a factory-integrated VSD.
  • Zero-Loss Drains: Cowl $200/drain for set up of zero-loss condensate drains, which get rid of the lack of compressed air throughout guide or timer-based draining.
  • Mist Eliminators: Covers $1.50/CFM for set up of apparatus to take away water and oil aerosols from the compressed air provide.
  • Biking Refrigerated Dryers: Covers $2/CFM for set up of a biking refrigerated dryer or variable pace refrigerated dryer (75 – 2799 SCFM).
  • Dyer Purge Demand Controls: Covers $1,500/management set plus $1.00 per cfm for dryer purge demand controls for 90 – 2499 SCFM heatless desiccant dryers. (Heated or heated blower desiccant dryer controls could qualify below the Customized program.)

Customized Effectivity Initiatives

Xcel Power additionally gives rebates for customized efficiency projects outdoors the scope of the prescriptive rebate program. These tasks are accredited on a case-by-case foundation based mostly on the quantity of vitality saved.

To get probably the most out of this system, you will need to begin with a examine. A customized rebate with a examine qualifies for $500/system peak demand kilowatt-hour of electrical energy saved, plus $200/ non-peak demand kilowatt in extra of system peak demand kilowatt saved. Initiatives with out a examine solely qualify for as much as $100/system peak demand kilowatt-hour of electrical energy, plus $50/non-peak demand kilowatt in extra of system peak demand kilowatts saved. Rebates are calculated based mostly on a mix of common kW saved and peak kW saved, with as much as $200 per common kW saved and as much as $250 per peak kW saved.

The very best place to start out is a compressed air examine, which can embrace knowledge logging and different strategies, to establish the gear that gives the best alternative for vitality financial savings. To qualify for customized rebates, producers should full the Xcel Power Customized Effectivity Workbook and clearly doc the proposed gear or know-how specs for the venture. You’ll work along with your compressed air vendor throughout this course of. The seller should submit documentation to confirm the vitality financial savings. As soon as the venture is accredited and accomplished, the rebate might be paid in about 6 weeks on to you or to an alternate rebate recipient. As with the compressed air research, you possibly can designate your compressed air vendor because the alternate rebate recipient, so you might be solely billed for the quantity of the venture that goes over and above what the rebate covers.

Getting Began with Xcel Power Incentives for Compressed Air Techniques

Fluid-Aire makes it simple to qualify for incentive and rebate applications from Xcel. We’re a licensed service supplier for compressed air system vitality incentives by Xcel Power. We’ll even fill out the paperwork for you and supply all of the required documentation. We will:

  • Conduct compressed air research by the Xcel Power program
  • Determine your best alternatives for vitality financial savings and rebates
  • Repair leaks or set up qualifying gear and upgrades

Contact us to learn the way we will help you enhance the vitality effectivity of your compressed air system. The earlier you get began, the earlier you can begin saving cash in your vitality invoice! 


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