Wire EDM- The Commonly Used Auxiliary Process in CNC Machining
Wire EDM- The Generally Used Auxiliary Course of in CNC Machining

(STL.News) Wire EDM is a standard machining course of for custom metal parts, primarily used for the processing of molds, advanced shapes or microstructures, and different merchandise.  In CNC machining, we additionally typically use this course of.  As a result of its limitations, CNC machining is tough to course of elements with too positive shapes, excessive hardness, and excessive precision necessities.  Then wire EDM could make up for it. For instance, the elements are bent and the hole is slender, and regular machining instruments can’t be processed correctly. Then wire EDM is required.  Or the fabric has excessive hardness after heat-treated.  For it’s tough to course of with basic CNC machining instruments, wire EDM is taken into account as a substitute.  For ultra-precision parts processing, wire EDM can be used due to the excessive accuracy necessities that peculiar CNCs can not obtain.  So, what precisely is wire EDM?

The fundamental precept of wire EDM

The so-called wire EDM, as its literal which means, is the usage of transferring metallic wire because the electrode wire, by pulse electrical spark discharge between the electrode wire and the work-piece.  In order to generate a excessive temperature to soften or vaporize the metallic, forming a slit, thereby reducing elements.  It’s a technique of EDM machining, the method of reducing metallic is as simple as reducing tofu with a wire.  You may flip 360 levels to chop any form throughout wire reducing. The metallic wire right here is mostly molybdenum wire or copper wire.  Molybdenum wire has the traits of excessive power, quick reducing pace, lengthy service life, and good discharge efficiency.  It’s generally utilized in wire EDM processes.

Classification of wire EDM

Wire EDM could be roughly divided into three varieties in keeping with the reducing pace of the electrode wire: excessive pace, medium pace, and low pace.  The primary variations amongst these three varieties embody processing effectivity, reducing accuracy, and floor high quality.  Amongst them, the low-speed wire EDM has the very best know-how content material and the very best processing accuracy.  Copper wire is usually used for low-speed Wire EDM.  The price of low-speed wire EDM is the very best amongst these three forms of wire EDM, and the processing time can be the longest.

The fast-speed wire EDM is known as as a result of the electrode wire runs at a excessive pace throughout the reducing course of.  The largest benefit of fast-speed wire EDM is its high-cost efficiency. And it has a big market in China.  Conventional quick pace wire EDM processing makes use of a one-time reducing course of, the processing effectivity is about 40mm²/min, the floor roughness is about Ra3.0um.  The floor has apparent wire reducing marks, and the processing accuracy is about 0.02mm.

As a way to enhance the processing high quality and management the fee on the identical time, on the idea of fast-speed wire EDM, the machine producer made enhancements close to the a number of reducing course of.  Then the so-called medium-speed wire EDM appeared.  At current, the effectivity of one-time reducing of medium-speed wire EDM is about 180mm²/min.  The floor roughness after a number of cuts is beneath Ra1.0um.  The typical effectivity after a number of cuts is 50mm²/min.  The processed floor has no apparent reducing marks.  And the precision of machining is about 0.01 mm, electrode wire loss is beneath 0.01mm/200,000 mm².

In fact, the above information is for reference solely.  And the processed high quality might be totally different because of totally different processing machines, the focus of working fluid, and electrode wire put on circumstances.

The benefits and drawbacks of wire EDM

It’s not tough to see from the above that wire EDM has the next benefits:

  1. Wide selection of relevant supplies. Whatever the thickness and hardness of the fabric, so long as it’s a conductive materials, wire EDM could be carried out
  2. Sophisticated shapes could be processed.  Along with straight reducing, wire EDM can even minimize into arcs and course of advanced shapes, akin to a mix of straight strains and arcs.  It’s also attainable to carry out taper processing by transferring the higher and decrease wires individually.
  3. Has comparatively excessive accuracy.
  4. Scale back materials injury. As a result of wire EDM is a non-contact course of, the load on the fabric is not going to be too giant.  And the thermal deformation can be small.

Simply as any course of is just not excellent, wire EDM additionally has the next shortcomings:

  1. Low processing effectivity. Wire EDM is to chop whereas regularly melting the workpiece.  So it’s slower than peculiar CNC machining instruments.  The pace of the wire EDM is just a few millimeters per minute, and its motion is nearly invisible
  2. Can not use backside processing
  3. Can not deal with non-conductive supplies
  4. Can not deal with the workpiece horizontally


The above are some primary information about wire EDM.  WayKen has been specializing in CNC machining for a few years and has a wealth {of professional} information.  Our skilled staff can use totally different processes to adapt to processing numerous elements and guarantee top quality.  We all the time intention to assist each buyer reach his new designs.  If in case you have any associated wants, welcome to inquiry use.

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