The SBO is an orbital computerized deburring machine that deburrs blades simply and shortly through the motion of the sanding heads motion backwards and forwards over the innovative.
The deburring is achieved by the use of 3 oscillating sanding heads, two mounted involved with the again of the blade and the third head set onto the sting bevel. The blade is secured by 3 clamps on the bottom assist. The sandpaper is industrial and may simply be exchange when obligatory.
Deburring is taken into account an vital part of knife regrinding, and is a sprucing of the bevel of a sharpened knife to take away any remaining grinding flash following regrinding. Deburring not solely improves the efficiency of innovative however it additionally will increase the sturdiness.
Splendid for deburring paper blades, guillotine blades, veneer blades and peeling blades.

Accessible in SBO2000 (size 2000) and SBO3000 (size 3000).

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