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The necessity for security is paramount within the aerospace trade, which incorporates aeronautical and aviation purposes within the navy, industrial, and business sectors. There may be one factor that actually helps guarantee and keep this security… Nitrogen gasoline! Nitrogen is inert, which implies that it doesn’t react to the presence of oxygen; this prevents the potential of combustion and/or explosions in delicate processes, particularly these which are working underneath excessive pressures and excessive temperatures – which is usually the case within the aerospace subject. An extra profit is that nitrogen doesn’t leak by way of frequent supplies which are used on this trade, together with seals and rubber.

Nitrogen Fuel within the Aerospace Trade

You could be questioning – what are some examples of particular aerospace purposes which are powered by nitrogen gasoline and nitrogen era? Let’s cowl a couple of under:

  • Plane Tire Inflation. Like automotive tires being crammed with nitrogen, so to can plane tires be crammed with nitrogen! In actual fact, many aerospace regulatory businesses really require tires to be crammed with nitrogen gasoline, moderately than oxygen, as a result of it helps forestall oxidation of the tires, eliminates moisture inside the tire itself, and in addition helps forestall any explosions/fires which may happen from brake warmth switch.
  • Plane Gasoline Tank Blanketing. The very last thing that you simply’d need to occur is to have a hearth escape close to a gasoline tank, particularly an plane jet gasoline tank. Blanketing these tanks with nitrogen gasoline helps to lower the possibility of fireplace outbreaks and decrease the flammability of those places. This additionally applies to plane pipeline blanketing/purging.
  • Autoclave Inerting. Autoclaves are basically like stress cookers – they apply warmth and stress to previously-crafted elements to make sure that the assorted parts have been bonded collectively strongly.
  • Escape Slides Inflation. Much like plane tire inflation, nitrogen gasoline (or a mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide) is used to inflate plane slides and life rafts.
  • Laser Chopping/Welding. Engine and airframe parts are sometimes created utilizing nitrogen gas-powered laser cutters. (Be taught extra about laser cutting and nitrogen generation here).
  • Oleo Strut Upkeep. Oleo struts are used as shock absorbers in an plane’s touchdown gear, and nitrogen is important to making sure that these function appropriately. As you possibly can think about, a big quantity of warmth is produced when an plane lands, so utilizing nitrogen (moderately than oxygen) decreases the possibility of combustion, ensures that there isn’t a moisture and subsequently no corrosion, and no nitrogen leakage by way of the seals within the oleo struts.

Desirous about seeing how on-site nitrogen era can help aerospace trade purposes? Attain out to our consultants at!


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