Electrical discharge machining Introducing EDM gap drilling – the non-contact drilling course of

EDM drilling is a non-contact drilling course of which makes it potential to provide the smallest of drill holes, unbiased of fabric hardness at excessive velocity. As soon as primarily used for creating starter holes for subsequent wire EDM operations, it’s now extensively utilized in mould, device and die making.

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The Agie-Charmilles Drill 20 can be used to drill holes with depths up to 200 mm and can accommodate small electrodes with diameters ranging from 0.1 – 0.3 mm making it ideal for a range of applications including drilling fine start holes on lead frames or high-speed stamping moulds.
The Agie-Charmilles Drill 20 can be utilized to drill holes with depths as much as 200 mm and may accommodate small electrodes with diameters starting from 0.1 – 0.3 mm making it best for a variety of functions together with drilling fantastic begin holes on lead frames or high-speed stamping moulds.

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Electrical discharge machining (EDM) drilling is totally different and, some could say, is extra advanced than typical chip-removal processes. Within the EDM drilling course of, vitality is directed into an electrode and the workpiece is submerged in a dielectric fluid. When the 2 are separated by a small area – the spark hole – a pulsed electrical discharge from the electrode creates a spark that removes materials from the workpiece by way of a strategy of melting and evaporation.

In typical functions, brass or copper electrodes with the proper finish-hole diameter are used to create holes within the workpiece. The electrode is charged by the EDM machine’s energy provide and is fed ahead to create the machining feed fee. The ability utilization and electrode feed fee, in addition to the movement of the machine’s axes, are all managed by the machine’s CNC.

A rotating spindle holds the electrode in place, and a information ensures that the proper location is held in the course of the drilling course of. Because the electrode creates a gap within the materials, a high-pressure dielectric is used to flush the eroded materials away – rapidly and effectively – enabling deeper holes to be made.

As holes grow to be deeper, sustaining the high-pressure flush turns into much more essential as a result of the eliminated materials has farther to journey up the opening to be eliminated. If flushing situations are poor, or if the stress just isn’t excessive sufficient, materials can rapidly construct up and can start performing like an extension of the electrode. If this happens, sparks will arc throughout the dielectric fluid and hit the workpiece in undesirable areas making a ‘pitting’ impact on the workpiece.

Half materials must be conductive

The one limitation to workpiece materials selection in EDM operations is that it have to be conductive. In mechanical (standard) drilling functions, the device makes bodily contact with the fabric and is extra of a friction course of. The drill can “wander” or “stroll” because it makes contact with the workpiece, particularly whether it is drilling right into a concave or convex half. The issues related to wandering will be exacerbated when drilling pre-hardened components.

Hardened metallic, materials with a hardness of 70 and better on the Rockwell hardness C scale will be drilled utilizing EDM. EDM is a thermal course of the place materials is eroded away slightly than mechanically lower. The electrode subsequently doesn’t are available in contact with the workpiece and no bodily stress is placed on the fabric.

Electrodes used for precision EDM drilling operations are tubular (not strong), with an spiral-shaped inside which when mixed with high-pressure flushing ensures that machined materials just isn’t left within the gap.

The Agie-Charmilles Drill 20 is a high-precision EDM machine to drill holes with depths as much as 200 mm. It could possibly accommodate small electrodes with diameters starting from 0.1 – 0.3 mm. In accordance with GF Machining Options, The Drill 20 options an easy-to-use HMI enabling quick and actual time course of monitoring and optimisation, and straightforward job preparation and set-up. The machine is provided with sensors that detect brief circuits, temperature fluctuations and dielectric fluid ranges: all important to make sure course of reliability.


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