What Is Electrical Discharge Machining and How Does It Work?
1 Pulse generator (DC). 2 Workpiece. 3 Fixture. 4 dielectric fluid. 5 Pump. 6 Filter. 7 Device holder. 8 Spark. 9 Device. Source: Wikimedia/Frank50 s

Because of the nature of the machining course of being purely based mostly on electrical present, EDM could make lengthy depth cuts that may in any other case be not possible. Designs like slots or ribs are notably suited to EDM. 

Lastly, EDM might be carried out after a chunk has been heat-treated, that means that the method does not mess up any of the steel’s tempering or therapy like mechanical machining does. 

So then, if EDM can do all of that, then what cannot it do?

Nicely, it’s not a very quick machining technique so it is not nice at scale. It additionally takes an immense quantity {of electrical} power, way over any mechanical machining course of.

EDM electrodes additionally regularly must be changed, identical to bits in mechanical machines, however EDM electrodes are typically customized made for every job. This may imply extra steps within the course of.

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