A few years in the past [ScorchWorks] built an electrical-discharge machining tool (EDM) and not too long ago determined to jot down about it. And there’s a video embedded after the break.

The construct relies on the designs described within the guide “Construct an EDM” by Robert Langolois. An EDM works by creating numerous little electrical discharges between an electrode within the desired form and a fabric beneath a dielectric solvent tub. This dissolves the fabric precisely the place the operator would love it dissolved. It is without doubt one of the most exact and gentle machining operations doable.

His EDM is constructed principally out of discovered components. The facility provide is a microwave oven transformer rewired with 18 gauge wire to drop the voltage to sixty volts as an alternative of the oven’s authentic enhance to 1.5kV.  The facility resistor comes from a dryer component robbed from a unit sitting beside the highway. The management board was etched utilizing a hand traced schematic on the copper with a Sharpie.

The linear movement component are two sq. brass tubes, one sliding inside the opposite. A stepper motor slowly drives the electrode into the half. Coolant is pumped by means of the electrode which is held by a bit 3D printed half.

The EDM works properly, and he has just a few instance components displaying its capacity to carry out tough cuts. Issues such as a gap by means of a razor blade., a small gap by means of a really small piece of thick metal, and even a gap by means of a magnet.


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