They are saying that you probably have a lathe, you’ve got each different machine device too. To a point, that’s true — you can also make virtually something on a lathe, together with one other lathe, and even elements greatest made on different machine instruments can often be made on a lathe in a pinch. However after seeing this lathe attachment for a DIY electric discharge machining tool, we could be inclined to see the EDM because the one machine device to rule all of them.

Now, we’ll admit that the job [BAXEDM] constructed this device for could be a little bit contrived. He wished to make some customized hex inserts for his Swiss Military knife, which appear to be they’d have been fairly simple to make from hex bar inventory in a traditional lathe. Then once more, hardened metal is the sort of materials that wire EDM was made for, and there appear to be many use circumstances for an attachment that may spin a workpiece towards an EDM chopping wire.

That was actually the trick of this construct — spinning a component underwater. To perform this, [BAXEDM] constructed a platform to hold a bearing block that helps a normal ER-25 collet, with a bracket that holds a stepper away from the water within the EDM chopping tank. There are many 3D printed insulators too, to maintain a lot of the attachment electrically remoted from the EDM present, plus unique elements like ceramic bearings that gained’t corrode underneath water. There have been a ton of different concerns, too; [BAXEDM] goes by the lengthy iterative design course of within the video under, in addition to taking his new device for a literal spin beginning at in regards to the 27:00 mark.

In the event you’re intrigued by what EDM can accomplish — and who wouldn’t be? — however you want extra background on the method, we’ve got you covered.

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