Let’s face it wine is a vital staple in our lives, whether or not you drink it or not. It’s the hostess present we deliver to dinner, a white elephant present in the course of the holidays, it’s the drink we share with family and friends across the desk as we cheers to any variety of necessary life moments.

Many wineries boast about utilizing the best elements to make their wine however utilizing even the very best elements means little with out the right gear. The very best high quality compressed air is a crucial ingredient to the method, which means utilizing the very best air compressors, nitrogen turbines, and blowers is essential.

From aeration, to bottling to labeling compressed air gear is used throughout nearly each step within the wine making course of and Atlas Copco can present all the commercial gear essential to make the very best wine. All through the wine making course of, wineries want air compressors, nitrogen turbines and oil-free, low-pressure blowers.

  • Aeration. Throughout winemaking, aeration is an important course of that introduces oxygen into the wine, permitting it to breathe and soften previous to bottling. Our oil-free, low-pressure blower options are perfect for a vineyard’s aeration wants.
  • Bottling. Compressors present the pressurized air that strikes the wine from the barrels to the bottles. And since wines are notably prone to oxidation throughout bottling, utilizing an inert gasoline like nitrogen to take away the oxygen from the empty bottles helps make sure the freshness of the wine. N2 can be used to remove the carbon gases from the bottles previous to capping.
  • Crushing & Urgent Grapes. Although we might prefer to imagine grape stomping remains to be the principle grape-crushing methodology, this has been changed by a partnership between air compressors, the grape crusher, and a bladder. After the press is loaded with grapes, the grape crusher applies compressed air to at least one aspect of a bladder to squeeze juice out of the grapes. Subsequent, compressed air is utilized to inflate the bladder, so the grape juice is pressed out by means of the vent holes.
  • Labeling. Compressed air is used to stick the labels onto the wine bottles.
  • Sparging. Additionally referred to as nitrogen gasoline sparging, this course of is the place nitrogen is utilized as very high-quality bubbles to remove any dissolved oxygen from the wine. This could have a variable affect, relying on whether or not it’s a white or crimson wine.

Atlas Copco has a whole line of choices for all wine making wants. From our oil-lubricated GA 7-75 VSD+ vary to our 100% Class 0-certified oil-free compressors and compressors with VSD know-how, Nitrogen turbines and oil-free blowers, we now have the precise choices that may match every vineyard’s distinctive wants.

So, as you bounce on that summer season wine tour with your pals, ship up a fast thanks to air compressors for making your journey attainable.

Study extra about Atlas Copco’s line of merchandise to fulfill all of your wine making wants by visiting our white home.

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